Share experiences about police or courts

Share your experiences about police or courts in a confidential, accepting setting (a focus group)

Many people with diagnoses (and their supporters) have had contact with police and courts. Sometimes it has been beneficial, and sometimes it has been traumatic.  We know that people with brain disorders and their supporters are much more likely to have had contact with police and courts than the rest of the population.

NAMI is holding two focus groups which will gather information from you, our NAMI members, about your experiences with police and courts.  We will convey your experiences so that they can improve their policies and practices.  Your stories may also be used in training sessions.

Focus groups are group interviews facilitated by an interviewer.  People answer a few, open-ended questions and share experiences.  In a focus group everyone is given an opportunity to speak, listen and comment.  In a focus group there are no right or wrong answers.

This is an opportunity for you to share experiences with each other and learn from your peers. This is not the place where the staff or police, court or mental health agencies will be present to explain their policies.

Our focus group is confidential and does not cost participants.

If you have experiences with police or courts,  please register for one of the focus groups.  Your knowledge can make things better.

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Thanks in advance for helping NAMI improve the lives of people with brain disorders and their supporters.


Barbara Naess

Mark Creeekmore

NAMI Washtenaw