Family to Family

In a unique collaboration, NAMI Washtenaw County has partnered with the Veterans Hospital of Ann Arbor to offer a family education course for families and loved ones of people living with mental illness. Family to Family is a 12-week program that helps family members with an ill loved one by offering:

  • Information about brain disorders
  • A supportive environment to learn and grow
  • Strategies for family members to deal effectively with mental illness
  • Techniques to use in a crisis
  • Resources you can use now

Call the NAMI WC office (734) 994-6611 or email for more information and to reserve your spot. The class is free, but registration is required. The fall session is full, but another class is scheduled to begin in March 2019.

We also offer a Family to Family program in Chelsea. Contact Kathy Walz at 734-680-5312 for details.

Proof that class reunions can happen! With permission from the group to post their picture,  below is a photo of a recent gathering, May 2018, of the September 2016 Family to Family class. This reunion was organized by a couple who took that class.

Class of September 2016