NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Washtenaw County is a non-profit organization and a local affiliate of the national NAMI and NAMI Michigan, that aims to improve the lives of persons affected by mental illness. Individuals with these biological disorders, their families and mental health professionals, and the broader community can all benefit from the organization’s mission.


If you are seeking community mental health services,  Requests for services can be made 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling Access at 734.544.3050 or 1.800.440.7548. Access is the central entry point for all Washtenaw County individuals seeking community mental health and/or substance abuse information and services.

Help Fight the Discrimination …. Talented In Our Own Voice (IOOV) Presenters Stand Ready Willing and Able

Please help get the word out and help us book dates for this powerful presentation.  Contact Bob Nassauer – bobnassauer@aol.com – 734-476-7575

What is IOOV?  A NAMI peer presentation for the public by individuals living with mental illness to promote education, empowerment and recovery.

  • Sixty to 90 minutes long, open to the general public, no cost.

  • Led by a team of two trained presenters who are living in recovery from mental illness.

  • Includes stories, videos and discussion.

Why Should People Attend?

  • More accurate view of a stigmatized and misunderstood experience.

  • Humanized perception of what people living with mental illness are like.

  • Concrete examples of what living in recovery means.

  • Opportunity to ask questions in a safe and friendly environment

Help instill hope in others.  Help break down the barriers.  Thank you.

Further information you can provide prospective audiences:

A research study on IOOV completed by Dr. Otto Wahl and Dr. Amy Wood of George Mason University concluded that there is a significant decrease in stigma against mental illness among audience members who have seen the presentation. According to a 2006 article published in the American Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, “NAMI’s ‘In Our Own Voice’ education presentation is effective as a strategy for increasing audience knowledge about mental illness and improving attitudes toward those who experience psychiatric disorders.”


Click on the link below to view the you tube video on Mental Health Matters about integrated medicine, recorded by NAMI of Washtenaw Co.


Click on the link below to view a promotion about mental illness on You Tube:

Glenn Close video

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